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EUR area.

A flash of modernity in the eternal city.

To enter the streets of the EUR zone of Rome is to take a look at the personality of one of the most controversial men of the last century. That who believed to be the reincarnation of Emperor Augustus and who under his dictatorial government led Italy to participate in the war, Benito Mussolini. This man was given the task not only of developing the ideals that inspired the Nazism of Adolf Hitler, but also created the so-called fascist architecture. Mussolini was in charge of the construction of this complex of tall, modern and regular buildings that stand out in the wonderful city of Rome, as a mathematician would do at a convention of Bohemian people. White marble structures, wide streets and constructions in progress, hand in hand with its green spaces and the famous "Square Colosseum" originally called "Palazzo della civilta" make EUR a must-see destination for those curious who want to know all facets of this enigmatic city.

Fascist architecture, is from the beginning of the 20th century until the end of the Second World War, 1945. In it geometric structures predominate and deprived of striking colors or external decorations, its main objective is to homogenize the style of the streets and thus return to pure and simple forms. Mussolini, together with other sympathetic architects created the EUR (Universal Exhibition of Rome) area as an opening to this new architectural style. This exhibition was not culminated due to the beginnings of the war, but left us the physical proof of what I wanted to accomplish.

While touring the area, you will turn your attention from parks to buildings, from buildings to monuments and from monuments to heaven! Since these streets also consist of the planetarium "Luneur", where as a family or only you can admire the cosmic wonders. If what you want is to go shopping, then you cannot miss one of the most important shopping centers in Rome, The Eur "Euroma2". If you get tired and want to enjoy a more organic view, there is the EUR lake, affectionately called by the Romans "Laghetto".

Do not be fooled by the sober air of the place, the laughter of children, or the elderly walking their pets at noon. When the sun stains the banks of the lake orange and the night lights come on, EUR becomes the ideal place to party. Visiting some of the clubs in the area your experience will be unforgettable.

How to get to EUR? Simple. By taking metro line B from Termini you can access in just 20 minutes. Each of the stations belonging to this complex has the word EUR next door, there is no way to get lost. Also buses 170, 75,30, 441 and 46 leave you in the area. Finally, the FC2 train could be useful if you are on the outskirts of the city. If you want more information on how to get around Rome follow this link and click here.

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