About us! at Free tour Rome

About who we are and what we do!

About who we are!

First of all thank you for showing interest in our Free, Affordable and Private Tours. In and outside of Rome.

Our goal is to make sure we offer tours for everyone and every budget.

Free Tour Rome is part of the company AiroTour Ltd who offer free tours all over the world. We do our best to combine cheap and good quality tours (our tours operate based on tips only). With us you can book your tour at the desired date this is for us the way that we can guarantee that our groups are never getting to big. In addition we provide the high quality service by only using the best tour guides we can find. Come join one or more of our tours and see for yourself!

✓  We are a collection of passionate tour guides in Rome.

✓  In between us we share many years of experience which we like to share with you.

✓  We enjoy sharing with you our great passion and knowledge about Rome.

✓  We think Free tours is more fair to the customer because you pay what you see.

✓  We believe the concept of private tours is really great, because you decide.

✓  In our experience, together we are adding a lot of interested and fun in our Tours.

✓  During our Free walking tours we work for tips only.

Of course we hope to see you soon joining one or more of our walking tours offered.

As you have noticed we ask a booking fee for joining one of our Free tours.

Why? Let us explain: In the past we didn't work with a booking system. We stumbled into some problems. To avoid any of these problems we learned from the past.

In the past we asked customers to just show up without reservation, which means many people could show up at one time to join our free tour. To avoid tour groups that are too big, we introduced a booking system. This way we can ensure that each free tour group is smaller and therefore more enjoyable.

However advertising and maintaining a website online with a booking system brings expenses.

Our tour guides like to give you the best welcoming, enjoyable and personalized experience. That is why we work with only small groups. This is the only way we can guarantee and keep for you the highest level of our free tour service.

Of course we hope to see you soon joining one or more of our walking tours offered.