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Public transport, Rome
Use of the public transport in Rome.
How to use the Bus, Metro, Tram, Taxi in Rome?

If you are a tourist here in Rome and planning you trip around the city, you will find out walking will be the most effective way to make your way around Rome. The tourist sides around Rome are easy to reach by walking. It is healthy and of course for free.. However of course there are other ways to go around Rome. We will give you some tips from the where, what and how lined out below.


✓  Metro line A called the red line. Very useful if you would like to visit the Vatican, Vatican museums, Sistine chapel and the Saint Peters basilica (Get off on metro stop Ottaviano)

✓  Metro line B called the blue line. Handy when you like to visit the Colosseum (Get of on metro stop Colosseo)

✓  Metro line C called the green line. Opened up a part of the line it will be expected fully operational in the year 2021

It is for sure an easy way to get around Rome. The metro is running from 5.30 in the morning till midnight. In the weekend till 2:30 AM. Did miss the last metro? No problem, in Rome there are night buses taking it over and follow the metro lines till 5.30 in the morning.

Important note!

✓  BE AWARE OF PICKPOCKETS. Can't warn enough it happens every day. --Please take care of your stuff!!!-- Their are only 3 metro lines so often it will be busy especially in the morning when all romans go to work and tourist go to different sides in Rome. They are most active on the moment people go in and of the metro often they are in groups (sometimes even up to 10) including woman and children of all ages. Their tactics are quite easy to see what they do is before the metro comes they select together a person from who they about to steal. Ones the metro comes into the station they push around a bit and in the meanwhile they take the stuff, ones they have it they pass it immediately on in their little group so even if they got caught by you most likely you can't do anything because your wallet and often passport already left the station.

Auto Bus

✓  Buses are running twenty four hours a day but especially when the metro stop after midnight they might come in very handy. Night buses you can easily recognize they are numbered like: N1, N2, N3 etc.. N from Night. Followed by the number of the bus.

Bus to Ciampino airport

✓  There is a non-stop bus service running from Termini (main station Rome) to the airport Ciampino and visa versa.

Ciampino Airport Transfer Ciampino Airport Transfer

To Fiumicino airport

✓  There is a non-stop bus service running from Termini (main station Rome) to the airport Fiumicino and visa versa.

Fiumicino Airport Transfer Fiumicino Airport Transfer


✓  We have different tramlines in Rome. They run from 5.30 in the morning till midnight.


In Rome there is only one ticket used for all the public transport. This tickets you can use on all the public transport but you should purchase before you hop on the bus, tram, metro etc.

There are different tickets:

  1. € 1.50 for a one way trip with the metro or for 100 minutes in any other transport pointed out before. This means for the metro you can use it only ones, but if you would take the metro and the bus straight after you can make a 1way trip for only € 1.50. Also the train what brings you to the beach of Ostia (about 40 km from Rome) would cost you only € 1.50 one way. Pretty good deal no?
  2. € 6.00 for a day pass used unlimited for 24 hours on any transport in territory of Rome capital.
  3. € 16.50 for a 3 day pass used unlimited on any transport in territory of Rome capital.
  4. € 24.00 for a 7 day pass used unlimited on any transport in territory of Rome capital.

More information about prices, timetables and routes etc. You can find on the website:

Enjoy the best things to see in Rome with a plan including Free Tour Rome


To take a Taxi is an easy way to get around. There are two different ones:

✓  Legal: Easy to recognize the legal ones are white cars and you can find them anywhere around Rome. Easy to pick out and you can stop them whenever you need them. A lot of prices are fixed but it would be suggested to ask an approximately price.

✓  Illegal: The illegal ones are not hard to spot as well. This could happen to you: imagine you are standing on Termini (main station of Rome) after a long trip waiting for your friend to pick you up. You look outside and see the taxi drivers are standing waiting for a new customer. Suddenly someone come over to you and says… you need a taxi? Then you know this would be most likely the illegal one working. If you would go with him/her for sure their own car will be parked around the corner, and they will give you a discount price. All rounded up there are many things to say about it but we leave it with this.. we wouldn’t recommend it.

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