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Use full tips before you visiting the Vatican city.

Visiting the Vatican (museums)

✓  One thing what to do in Rome would be to go to see the pope in person. If the pope is in the Vatican City. Twice a week, come to the Vatican city on Wednesday there's the general audience to the public on Sundays there's the blessing of the pope to the public, either in the Saint Peters Square or in the Audience Hall (normally only during the winter).

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  • ✓  The Vatican City is a different state it is in Italy but it is independent. Therefore security is from a high level, you will be going through an X-ray machine so don't bring any ''weapons'' with you. (knives, nail clippers, scissors, sharp objects etc...)

    ✓  Do you need to bring your passport to the Vatican? No you don't need to, better to leave it on a place somewhere safe so pickpockets can't walk off with it. (We would recommend you to bring a photocopy with you at all-time ones you travel in Rome) However the Vatican city is another county so in some parts out of the tourist areas you would need it but in that case you would know before.

    ✓  Pack light! Big backpacks are not allowed in the museums you can however leave them for free ones you entered the museum.

    ✓  There is in most of the museum no air-conditioning, so it can be quite hot in the summer it would be highly recommended to bring your own bottle of water with you.

    ✓  The Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel are at a separate entrance from Saint Peter's Basilica. It doesn't cost anything to enter into the Saint Peter's church.

    ✓  Many people wonder where the Sistine chapel is, well if you stand in Saint Peter's square facing the church you would see it on the right hand side next to the church. However to visit in to the Sistine chapel you need to go through the Vatican museum first.

    ✓  From the Sistine Chapel you can go straight in to the Saint Peter's Basilica.

    ✓  You can take pictures almost everywhere in the Vatican museum, with the exception of the Sistine Chapel. (There is a copyright for the Sistine chapel) There are places where flash is not allowed which will be shown clearly with notes. (No flash in italian: senza flash)

    ✓  Dress Appropriately. There is a dress code in the Vatican that means you have to cover your shoulders and knees before you enter.

    ✓  You will enter a different state however in general you don't need to bring your passport because you will be only aloud in the public areas which are: 1. Saint Peter's square 2. Saint Peter's basilica (both are free entrance) 3. the Vatican museums 4. the Sistine chapel (There is an entrance fee to enter the museum and the Sistine chapel)

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