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Free Tour Rome - Affiliate Program

Why joining in our Affiliate Network?

  • We offer you an 10%  commission on every purchases made from your website.

  • We are using a booking engine this can be fully integrated into your website using widgets.

  • Every day support from our team ! And the best of all! It's free to join in!

  • We pay you every 1st of the month directly to your Bank, or PayPal account.

Affiliate Free Tour Rome

What do i need to sign up to be an Affiliate?

      1. An website (travel website or travel blog would be the best) also a Facebook page
      2. Visitors on your website, who make bookings.
      3. After you send the details below you will get access to the code.
      4. Copy/paste the code to implement into your websitepage and start making money.

  • You can also put more then one widget (see an example page: Here)
  • You can also put more then one widget (see an example Facebook: Here)

Maybe you are an Travel agency or Tour guide in this case you can upload your own (free or paid tours) HERE