Free Tour Rome - Affiliate Program

Why joining in our Affiliate Network?

  • We offer you an 20%  commission on every purchases made from your website.

  • We are using a booking engine this can be fully integrated into your website using widgets.

  • You will get your own agent login where you can access to the online detailed statistics, performance, sales, layout, commissions made and overview of sales you made etc..

  • We are having a very user friendly and easy to understand Affiliate Platform.

  • Every day support from our team ! And the best of all! It's free to join in!

  • We pay you every 1st of the month directly to your PayPal account.

This happens after you did sign up?

  • You will receive a confirmation email with your login details to access your personal account to our Affiliate platform.

  • We are using the an professional booking system. You will get an agent account and can immediately start selling our tours.

  • Either you can set up your widget or ask us us to do it for you. In case we make it the only thing you have to do is paste it in your website and start making money.

Liste fra andre gratis turer rundt om i verden.

Siden en god stund er det gratis turer rundt om i verden. Vi tenkte det ville være nyttig å samle inn med din hjelp en liste over dem på dette nettstedet. Har du en gratis tur i byen din? Har du vært på en gratis tur? Føl deg fri til å gjøre en anbefaling eller legge til link til deres nettside.

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Puber & Begivenheter i Roma.

Music in Rome Irish Pub in Rome Irish Pub in Rome Free Tour Rome Irish Pub in Rome

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