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All about Aventine hill

What to do and to see on the Aventine hill

Ancient Rome was originally build on this seven hills, named:

According the legend the founding of Rome was in the year 750 BC and started on the Palatine hill with the twin brothers Romulus and Remus. The twin brothers split up and decided to each start their own city. Romulus on the Palatine hill and Remus on the Aventine hill. Remus was also buried on the Aventine hill after his brother killed him. Romulus expanded the city which started from the Palatine hill and called it Rome so that is where the name come from. In Italian it's Roma.

Fun fact.. Did you ever turn Roma around? ❤️ ROMA = AMOR ❤️

Today the Aventine hill is famous for:


The keyhole found in the door of the Knights of Malta that gives an special view to the Saint Peter's dome of the Vatican. It used to be off the beaten track but we don't think it is anymore because the waiting line (especially during high season) can be asking quite a bit of patience. Still we think it is well word seeing it. We do suggest to be either early morning, lunch hour or late afternoon. Show on google maps

Orange garden

You can visit the Orange garden all year around and has an amazing viewing point from where you can see an big part of the city. Many weddings choose to take pictures there. The best time to visit is in April when the orange trees are in full blossom it's an amazing strong lovely smell.

San sabina

The church Santa Sabina all' Aventino is an basilica on the Aventine hill dating back from 5th century. The basilica is built in the shape of a typical Roman basilica which are all inspired from the first basilica of Maxentius on the Roman forum. An basilica has a classic rectangular shape and three naves. Especially important here are the doors which have been made out of wood and date back to the 6th century.  It is said that the door has the oldest depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

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